750 Morris Turnpike, Short Hills.

Interval & strength training.

Cutting-edge equipment.

A unique small-group experience.

YB Zone is a small-group circuit training studio dedicated to maximizing the trainer-member experience. Our trainers teach the subtleties of heart-rate training, a philosophy designed to maximize your workout efficiency. As a venue for personal training, YB Zone will host many different training experiences such as 45-minute, small-group workouts emphasizing strength and interval training using a wide variety of high-intensity interval equipment. YB Zone features cutting edge equipment and exercise routines geared toward improving your cardio, strength, balance, and flexibility. Whether you’re just starting out or you are an experienced athlete looking for a new challenge, YB Zone can help you reach your full potential.


Schedule private and group sessions with our trainers today and experience the innovative and exciting workouts only available in the YB Zone.

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