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Unconventional Fitness in Millburn

Published by admin at May 19, 2016

YB was featured in North Jersey’s The Record on May 19th in an article about unique fitness methods in the Millburn local area: 

YB Fitness on Morris Turnpike in the township offers over 90 group fitness courses. Among them is YB Bounce, during which participants perform a combination of jumping exercises to increase stamina, agility and balance. The bouncing techniques aim to increase blood flow and circulation.

The trampolines include adjustable waist-high handlebars for participants to hold on to. Bounce instructor Tom D’Aloisio said his students begin to wane off the handlebar as they become more comfortable.

“A lot of group fitness classes are intimidating. This one isn’t,” D’Aloisio told The Item. “It’s like when you were bouncing on a trampoline as kid.”

D’Aloisio said the class centers on resistance; participants need to push down on the trampoline rather than up, as with most childhood jumping. This method prevents any impact on the body, making the routine strictly cardio based and ideal for people with knee, leg or hip problems.

The health club also provides Tabata, a high intensity interval training class incorporating a series of strength building exercises in short durations. The work out will boost post exercise oxygen consumption, which will spark the metabolism to burn calories even after the body is done exercising. D’Aloisio said the class is similar to boot camp courses, but without the equipment.

Read the full article at northjersey.com

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