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Unbreakable Bond

Published by admin at November 8, 2016

We are proud to share a great article from the leading industry trade publication, Club Solutions, highlighting our great trainer Bonnie Galorenzo and long-standing YB member and client Dana Kuber.

There are good, solid relationships between personal trainers and their clients, and then there are relationships that have a bond which goes even deeper than that. Just take a look at Bonnie Galorenzo and Dana Kuber.

Galorenzo is a personal trainer and group fitness instructor at YB Fitness in Short Hills, New Jersey, and Kuber is the client who walked through the doors of the club in 2011 and quickly became like family.

“This is my daughter that I don’t have,” Galorenzo said of Kuber. “She took my classes first and then we started training because she got engaged and wanted to get in better shape for her wedding.”

Kuber, a nurse, moved to New Jersey more than five years ago, and took an instant liking to YB Fitness.

Read the full article at http://clubsolutionsmagazine.com/




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