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New Trampoline Class: YB Bounce

Published by yb yb at July 28, 2015

The word “trampoline” will never be the same here at YB Fitness. One day, it evoked blissful childhood flashbacks of 10 foot high back flips and twisting pike-position seat drops! Today it is an addictive low impact/ high intenesity group excercise workout called YB Bounce. Sequences of dynamic jumping combinations are designed to bring the heart rate up, calling on the resistance of the trampoline to challenge agility, stamina and balance.

The bouncing workout has become popular among cardio junkies, runners and even elderly gym goers because working out on a trampoline reduces joint and knee impact.

The workout is tough — rebounding pushes your muscles to fatigue but has a lower risk of injury. Bouncing also increases both your blood flow and lymphatic fluid circulation, which is good for active muscles too.

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