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Small Group Training
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Social, energetic, and motivating.

Workout variety.

Nationally certified trainers.

YB’s small group training offers the benefits of one-on-one personal training in a social, energetic and motivating environment. Groups include 3+ members, and a variety of workout types are offered.


Simply call 973.218.9100, email info@ybfitness.com or stop by the front desk to reserve your spot in one or more of the classes below. Each reservation requires pre-payment and a 24-hour cancellation notice.

Small group training is available to members only. If you're interested but not yet a member, join today and benefit from all that YB has to offer.




Extreme Burn with Debra
Push your body out of your comfort zone and achieve faster, more visible results. This full body workout incorporates both strength and HIIT circuits using the weight of your body and equipment such as weighted balls, boxing bags and ropes. This interval based workout helps raise your metabolism, burn extra calories and build lean muscle. 1-hour.

Boxing Express with Bonnie
Work your body to the core in our boxing studio with a mix of boxing moves, interval & agility training and functional movement. This workout will tone your entire body, increase your endurance, reduce body fat, relieve stress, increase energy level and boost your confidence and self-esteem. 1-hour

Self Defense with John
Learn to become more aware of your surroundings and prepared for any situation. This session differs from other self-defense classes by teaching you first how to identify/avoid an attack, and then the tools to defend yourself against an attack. 1-hour

Group Treadmill with Shadi
Group Treadmill is based on a high intensity treadmill workout to improve your stamina, endurance and cardio-vascular strength. You will be surprised how many calories you will burn in this short amount of time. 1/2-hour.

Youth Training with Mark & Dorian
Ages 12-17. Learn the tools to build strength, power, balance & body control - essential components to succeeding in sports and enhancing self-esteem. This training incorporates agility, speed & strength exercises to increase stamina. 1-hour

Yoga with Jhon
This is a highly evolved progressive method of yoga with emphasis on precision and alignment. Props such as blocks, belts and chairs will be used to enhance the benefits of yoga movement and achieve multiple poses. All levels. 1-hour

Foam Roller Stretching with Tamer
Foam rolling is one of the most effective tools for physique-building, recovery and injury prevention through SMR (self-myofascial release). This technique facilitates an immediate and therapeutic impact on tight muscles. Foam rolling helps you improve blood circulation, lengthen short or tight muscles and promote optimal spinal range of motion. 1/2-hour

The Challenge with Olympia
Focusing primarily on interval training, this workout alternates bursts of high intensity with low intensity recovery movements. Using a wide range of equipment, this class will help you burn calories by revving up your metabolism! 1-hour